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One-day Workshops

8 June 2022

The workshops can be booked using our online registration system.

The number of people for each workshop is limited, do not miss the opportunity to register in time.

The workshops can only be attended in person, there will be no online streaming.

  Early registration
until 30 April 2022
Regular registration
from 1 May
to 15 May 2022
Late registration
from 16 May 2022
Maximum number
of persons

Dentistry 550 EUR / 13 750 CZK 550 EUR / 13 750 CZK 550 EUR / 13 750 CZK 24
Lung Ultrasound 450 EUR / 11 250 CZK 450 EUR / 11 250 CZK 450 EUR / 11 250 CZK 30

Snacks and drinks will be provided for the participants during the coffee breaks and also lunch.

How to get there

See this map.

Dentistry Workshop

Difficult extractions in dogs and cats

DEVDC Jan Schreyer, DEVDC DAVDC Jerzy Gawor, DVM Kateřina Slabá

Workshop objective: Participants will perform extraction of strategic teeth in dogs and cats

At the end there will be interactive session about difficult aspects of surgical extractions and their complications

Procedures list


  1. Extraction of the fourth maxillary premolar in a dog,
  2. Extraction of mandibular and maxillary canine tooth in a dog,
  3. Extraction of mandibular molar tooth in a dog


  1. Maxillary and mandibular quadrant in a cat.
09:00–9:30   Introduction to equipment, materials and instruments   IM3
09:30–10;00   Brief presentation to procedures   Jerzy Gawor
10:00–10:30   Coffee Break    
10:30–12:30   Extractions in dog   All Tutors
12:30–13:30   Lunch Break    
13:30–15:00   Extractions in cats   All Tutors
15:00–15:30   Coffee Break    
15:30–17:00   Interactive session: Clinical cases illustrating difficult extractions   All Tutors

Lung Ultrasound Workshop

Venue: Fyziologický ústav, Albertov 2029/5, Praha 2 (Nové Město)

09:00–10:00   Introduction to the lung ultrasonography (LUS)   Natalia Buda
10:00–10:30   Pulmonary oedema in LUS   Natalia Buda
10:30–10:45   Coffee break    
10:45–11:15   Pneumonia and Atelectasis in LUS   Natalia Buda
11:15–11:45   Pneumothorax in LUS   Natalia Buda
11:45–12:30   Ultrasonographic anatomy of the thorax and technical aspects of LUS in Animals   Michał Gajewski
12:15–13:00   Lunch    
13:00–13:45   Cardiogenic vs noncardiogenic pulmonary oedema in animals   Katarzyna Kraszewska
13:45–14:00   Pneumonia and lung fibrosis in Animals   Rafał Niziołek
14:00–15:00   Blue & VetBlue… how we do it?   Michał Gajewski
15:00–16:00   Cool cases   all instructors
16:00–16:15   Coffee break    
16:15–18:00   Workshops in small groups    


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GUARANT International spol. s r.o.
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Tel.: +420 284 001 444
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